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Chairman Hua Ying group attended the eighteenth session of the Australian natural gas Global Summit

April 11, 2016 to 15, the eighteenth session of the global natural gas summit held in Perth, australia. Huaying Group Chairman Mr. Shu Changxiong in the General Assembly convened on the occasion, and multinational gas company and relevant leaders met.
Natural gas as a clean energy, its application is being actively promoted by governments around the world, a large number of liquefied natural gas projects came into being. Due to imports of liquefied natural gas is helpful to the country''''''''''''''''s energy consumption to achieve the diversification of energy supply and ensure energy security, while exports of liquefied natural gas is useful in natural gas production in effective development natural gas resources, increase the income of foreign exchange, promoting the development of national economy and trade of liquefied natural gas is easy to become the new hot spot of the global energy market. In order to maintain the rapid and sustainable development of the Asian economy, the demand for energy, especially clean energy, has increased rapidly. But now we have to face because of liquefied natural gas supply brought about by the international trend of natural gas is very difficult external environment, very nervous, the rapid growth of global liquefied natural gas prices and the cost of development, and supplier oriented market. Based on the on customer demand accurately grasp and previous successful experience, the 18th Gas Summit will focus on new forms of international natural gas market supply and the Asian natural gas market demand, how to improve the safety of natural gas demand and how to ensure the success of natural gas project.

CEO Ahmad, a state oil company in Malaysia
Prof. Lin (Gas Association)
Wood, Vice Minister of the Ministry of development of Western Australia
Western Australia governor
French engineering company GTT chairman and CEO Philip
Consul general Lei Kezhong China in Western Australia
CNOOC in Australia on behalf of Lv Yongfeng