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Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun natural gas company LNG Reserve Station Project Environmental impact assessment of public participation in the second EIA publicity

Chaozhou Huayingrunyu Liquified Natural Gas LNG Reserve Station Project
Environmental impact assessment of public participation in the second EIA publicity
On the basis of the environmental impact assessment of public participation in Interim Measures "(UNCED [2006]28 number)," on further strengthen the management of environmental impact assessment notification of environmental risk prevention "(UNCED [2012]77 number)," on strengthening risk prevention strict environmental impact assessment of the management of pass "(UNCED [2012]98 number) and of Chaozhou Yingrun Yu Natural Gas Co., Ltd. LNG storage station project environmental impact assessment information publicity.
First, the project overview
Project Name: Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun natural gas company LNG Reserve Station Project
Project nature: New
Construction site: Guangdong County of Raoping city of Chaozhou province Chaozhou Golden Port Economic Zone Bay Port (Dacheng Bay) vision.
Outline of the project: the project mainly includes new LNG unloading dock 1 seat (~150000GT), LNG shipping terminal 1 (6 million), two 10 million cubic meters of LNG single tank, two 20 million cubic meters of LNG full tank, and supporting utilities, aided engineering, environmental engineering. The project covers an area of 348405 m2, the project will consist of 132 people, the construction period of 4 years. The total investment of the project is 8 billion 595 million 960 thousand yuan (including the full amount of liquidity), environmental protection investment of about 19 million 640 thousand yuan.
Two, the impact of construction projects on the environment
In the operation of the project may have various effects on the surrounding environment, mainly including: exhaust, torch and canteens of flue gas emissions (emissions), receiving station and dock methane volatile (emission); wastewater, production wastewater and domestic sewage; noise, pump, blower, separator, etc. mechanical equipment generating noise, sound pressure level 75~90dB (a); solid waste, the maintenance of ship garbage, waste oil, waste water sludge station, life garbage etc.; environmental risk, environmental risk mainly comes from methane, LNG storage tank and process device.

Three, to prevent or reduce the adverse environmental impact of countermeasures and measures
Equipped with a gas tank: low pressure flare system for BOG gas treatment duct overpressure discharge; LNG receiving station is provided with an evaporation gas treatment system will use BOG LNG evaporation gas recovery compressor; ship unloading operation at the beginning of design with a smaller unloading flow cooling unloading arm and ancillary facilities, to avoid too much gas evaporation, resulting in evaporation gas treatment system overload and discharge to the torch burning, reduce hydrocarbon gas emissions; during discharging, discharging operation at the operator''''''''''''''''s control, in discharging pipeline is arranged on the surface of the thermometer and pressure sensor, timely monitoring of the temperature change, precooling, control ship unloading operations; in unloading the ship after the end of the nitrogen pipeline dock arrangement connected with the nitrogen interface unloading arm, using nitrogen purge residue in the unloading arm of the LNG to LNG transport ship ; to reduce the LNG tanker loading process in material waste and fugitive emissions, the loading displacement of boil off gas, pressure on the poor return gas evaporation duct. Tanker loading and unloading system with LNG circulation pipeline, loading and unloading operations for maintaining an unloading duct in a low temperature state fashion.
Oily wastewater producing area in the compressor room, diesel oil tank and a diesel pump system, tanker loading area, repair workshop and flushing water intends to send the sewage treatment station oil-water separator, into the oily wastewater treatment equipment after reaching the water pollutant discharge limits "DB44/26-2001 the second period) of a standard back the sea. Station sewage pipeline by collected sewage collection pool, the buried integrated biochemical treatment equipment after treatment to the water pollutant discharge limits "DB44/26-2001 the second period) of a standard back the sea. The plant by pipeline rainwater collection, directly to the nearest row of the sea. Water is gasified heating LNG temperature is decreased, the cooling water in the receiving station to consider the open channel discharge. At the end of the culvert row to the backwater port of the seawater, the seawater temperature drop control in 5 DEG C.
Noise: priority selection of low noise equipment, noise reduction, noise reduction, sound absorption and vibration reduction measures.
Solid waste: maintenance of garbage and sewage treatment field oily solid waste in accordance with the national hazardous waste list partitioning, which belongs to the hw08 waste mineral oil hazardous waste and collected after commissioned local hazardous waste disposal qualification units for processing. Municipal solid waste collection and treatment of local sanitation department.
This project uses the method of groundwater: active and passive leak proof measure combination of measures, to prevent groundwater contamination. Active anti leakage measures for in the products storage and transportation system, solid waste temporary storage area, sewage treatment area should do a good job in the prevention of seepage, leakage and other measures, to prevent and reduce the pollutants in the run, run, drip, drain behavior; passive leak proof measures for the retention in the ground level pollutant collected and sent to the comprehensive sewage treatment field.
Environmental risks: to develop risk prevention measures and contingency plans to reduce the occurrence of risk accidents.
Four, the main conclusions of the environmental impact assessment
The construction of this project with national industrial policies and Chaozhou port master plan, adopted advanced and mature, safe, reliable, economical and reasonable technology, so that the reduction of energy consumption and pollutant emissions impact on the surrounding environment. After taking the measures to improve the governance, to ensure the stability of pollutants discharge standards, the impact on the environment to meet environmental function zoning requirements, environmental risk level acceptable. After the completion of the project will provide natural gas as a clean energy source for the eastern region, extent, is conducive to the improvement of air quality of service within the scope of.
The project conforms to the industrial policy and related planning and production process with the principle of cleaner production, pollution prevention and control measures of basic feasible, in taking environmental measures, risk prevention measures and emergency measures after, less impact on the environment, environmental risk in acceptable extent. Therefore, in the full implementation of the report made by the ecological protection, pollution prevention, environmental risk prevention and control and emergency measures, the project is feasible from the perspective of environmental protection.
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