Huaying Natural Gas Co., Ltd
Add:100 meters south of the intersection of Raoping Avenue and Huanggang Avenue, Huanggang Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou City
Secretary Li Shuihua visited Huaying natural gas project

    Party secretary Li Shuihua to Raoping County research economic and social development, research and solve the problems encountered in the development of the current problems and difficulties, the deployment of the next phase of work. Li Shuihua stressed, Raoping County to seriously understand and implement, implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th party, size up the situation, grab seize opportunity, overall planning, promoting the development of the actually accomplish this year all the work goals and tasks, to promote economic and social development.
    In Raoping County Da Cheng Zhen Da Cheng Wan, Li Shuihua examines the Chaozhou Yingrun Yu Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Guangdong natural gas distribution project site. The project total investment of 12 billion yuan, will be built to make up for the natural gas demand in East guangdong. Li Shuihua asked the project to further speed up the progress of the construction, according to the time to complete the task of building a set of goals.
    In the subsequent discussion meeting, Li Shuihua listened to Raoping County in the first three quarters of the work report and the fourth quarter of the work plan. According to reports, January to September this year, Raoping County completed GDP 161.02 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1%; output value of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size 186.32 billion yuan, an increase of 9.31%; total social fixed asset investment 4.058 billion yuan, was 28.13%; Society of entire county economy maintained steady and rapid development momentum.

    Li Shuihua Raoping county this year''''s work to fully affirmed the achievements of the county''''s economic and social development has new progress and new achievements, to enter a critical period of development. He stressed that at present, Raoping County to further assess the situation and seize the opportunity, overall planning, promoting the development of the to ensure the completion of this year, the objectives and tasks. Li Shuihua requirements, Raoping county to establish a concept of great development, the use of vertical and horizontal thinking, seize the opportunity to promote development. To seize the country to vigorously promote the exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan policy trend, with the development of economic cooperation zones in Fujian and Guangdong for the engine, and strive to build in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan fusion development "bridgehead".
    At present, in particular, to conscientiously study and understand and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, and enhance awareness of opportunities, combined with the actual, from "to 2020 poverty-stricken counties hat" and other policies, looking fit its development focuses on path and key projects and seek development benefit maximization.
    Li Shuihua stressed that enhance the overall planning of thinking, ability and level, is to promote the development of key links. Raoping County to strengthen education and training, improve levels of township leading cadres overall planning of political, economic and social work ability, establish "to change, to make money fast" concept, especially to pay close attention to the study of the preparation of the implementation of the "eight" three year action plan for the construction, staring at the national, provincial and municipal key projects dishes, "eight" + industry, planning the development of the global. He stressed that the promotion of development is the ultimate goal of the work. To promote the development of the concept, determination and verve, took strong measures, key and difficult problems of the project construction; to in order to promote the development of oriented distinctive to upgrade to promote the development of ability as the core, build perfect assessment, accountability and reward and punishment mechanism, so that the cadres can can become the norm, strongly encourage, training and promotion of good development, tackle tough cadres, and strive to create a good atmosphere to the director general, do succeed, do good.
    Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Xu He, vice mayor Chen Shengliang participate in the research, and puts forward the requirements for the work of Raoping county.
    Municipal Secretary General She Chuxiong to participate in activities.