About us
Service commitment
    We have a strict management system, our staff are equipped with vehicles and other transportation tools, to ensure that the first time arrived, to provide you with first-class service. My company's installation, personnel have the relevant certificates issued by the Ministry of Labor issued by the Ministry of labor.
    As long as you dial a phone, the rest of us to serve you! Your every agreement is to our greatest trust! Your satisfaction is our careful service recognition! Your smile is to give us the greatest evaluation! The service department in the city of each district are equipped with outlets, to provide you with timely and thoughtful service: 24 hours a day of service and a plurality of point for customers immediate solution. Reasonable charge, hope that the majority of users with, thank you for your support in cooperation.
Our solemn promise:
1, as long as you call the company's service staff will give you answer;
2, if we can't solve will go to the technical department, technical department will call you back in ten minutes;
3, free on-site survey, mapping, on-site technical guidance;
4, the workers will strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the national construction standards;
5, the company will implement the scope of the construction of a regular maintenance and repair.
Our service aim is: to the credibility of development, quality of survival, to management for efficiency.