Huaying Natural Gas Co., Ltd
Add:100 meters south of the intersection of Raoping Avenue and Huanggang Avenue, Huanggang Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou City
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◇ Chaozhou Huaying liquefied natural gas terminal project signing ceremony held in Beijing 2016-09-11    
◇ Yin Zhaoju asked the Raoping county actively plan to promote a new round of development 2016-09-08    
◇ Chairman Hua Ying group attended the eighteenth session of the Australian natural gas Global Summit 2016-04-11    
◇ Secretary Li Shuihua visited Huaying natural gas project 2015-11-07    
◇ LNG receiving station project work coordination meeting 2015-11-30    
◇ LNG receiving station project feasibility study report review meeting 2015-12-23    
◇ Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun natural gas company LNG Reserve Station Project Environmental impact assessment of public participation in the second EIA publicity 2016-03-23    
◇ Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the official website of huayingrunyu 2016-06-18    
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◇ Why Natural Gas Keeps Outperforming Broader Markets, Crude Oil 2016-06-21    
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